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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Great Customer Service the employees are very nice and well educated about my inquiries in order to get my vehicle the proper care that it needed so that I could be back on the highway 🙂 I highly recommend this Transmission and auto shop to everyone.. The prices are pretty affordable and the workers do an awesome job.. Also they have a 1 year warranty on their labor.. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗"

- Kay L.

"Once again the staff exemplified exceptional customer service. Over the years I have relied on them to help with decisions regarding repairs and maintenance on my families vehicles.Recently I made a phone call to the shop and explained my dilemma regarding one of our vehicles needed repairs. I anticipated spending nearly two thousand dollars to resolve the various issues. After making arrangements to have the vehicle picked up and inspected I waited in angst. Two days later I couldn't believe my ears when they confirmed the final bill was $421. I asked how is that possible when my uncle paid another repair facility $1837 for a similar repair ? Their response was that they had seen this problem before and rather than replacing the whole unit they knew which components to replace. It seems to me that they could have made more money by the performing the full replacement but instead chose to fix it as if it were there own. Therein is the reason I will always choose to seek their advice. Thank You Specialty."

- Richard B.

"I originally took my Dodge Durango to the dealer when the transmission started having problems. The dealer quoted me over $1000 and could not explain to me to the problem. I went to Specialty explained what what's going on and what the dealer told me. After a few hours, they called explained the problem completely, what needed to be fixed, and the exact amount it would cost to fix, less than the dealer quoted. Took them a little over a day and they had my Durango running better than before! Bonus they parked my car under a tree with the windows cracked. When it's over 90 degrees, it's the little things that count!!"

- Abbie B.

"We were traveling in our RV from Florida to South Dakota when the transmission started acting up. After contacting several shops, Specialty Transmission was the ONLY one to say yes we can see you right away. (Most said it would be 3-4 days). They got us right in and let us know that they could get us back on the road within a couple of hours! They did not take advantage of our need to get back on the road and only charged us for a fluid/filter change. I highly recommend this shop for their integrity and willingness to help our family get back on our vacation!"

- George L.

"I had a very good experience there. My A/C blowers were operating, but it was not cooling at all. I had first taken it to a well-known and supposedly respected company that specializes in auto air conditioning repair, and was told I needed a new compressor plus other parts to the tune of over $1,500. Specialty Transmission & Auto did a dye test, which they said the other company had not done, and all that was needed was a cleaning and replacement freon for only $153. The a/c cools very well now. They are very pleasant and, I believe, honest, and I would recommend them to anyone."

- Paula S.

"My 22 yo son was traveling home from the military in his 1994 beater truck, when he broke down in Mobile. He went to the first service station he came too and was told he needed a new transmission (which was true), but he wasn't happy how they talked to him. I told him to get another opinion and he landed at Specialty Transmission and Auto. The owner, Jody, and his staff were AWESOME! Jody, treated Brandon like he was his Uncle, showing him the stuff that was wrong and telling him what he needed to do to keep it running. I drove 2 hrs to pick my son up and talking to Jody was like talking to my brother. A week later we picked up my son's truck. Jody gave my son a military discount and gave him some words of advice. Well, my son can never make a trip drama free and he started having problems after we crossed the Mobile Bay bridge. We turned around and went back across to Jody. Turned out his spark plug wire was fried (unrelated to the transmission problem). They stayed open just for us and replaced the wire free of charge! Jody and his crew were so nice. Awesome folks at Specialty Transmission and Auto Repair! Wish they were closer so they could be our regular mechanic."

- Deede W.

"Specialty Transmission in Mobile, AL. has a customer for life here. They recently did some repair work for me prior to a 2500-mile return trip home. That evening following the repair work, after getting 200 miles out of town, there was a problem with a defective bushing. The transmission developed a significant leak, rendering the vehicle undriveable. It was after business hours, but I called Specialty Transmission and was able to reach Jody, the owner. Jody called Jared, a friend of his who lived nearby. Jared came out to where we were stranded during a torrential downpour, assessed the problem, and arranged for a tow to a nearby hotel. Jody got on the phone and started looking for replacement parts. He found them first thing the next morning, drove 200 miles, and with Jared s help (and the use of his lift) personally replaced the defective part, along with a couple of related parts, just to make absolutely sure there wouldn t be any more trouble. We were on our way within a couple of hours, and the vehicle performed trouble-free the entire 2500-mile trip home, driving some days as many as 15 hours. If you re thinking about having transmission work done in Mobile, AL. by anyone other than Specialty Transmission, you should reconsider. You will not find a shop with a higher standard, or more dedicated to customer satisfaction - period. Thanks Jody, Stefanie, JC, Joe, JP, Jared, Art, and Scott."

- Tom T.

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