3927 Government Blvd # H
Mobile, AL 36693

About Specialty Transmission & Auto in Mobile, AL

Specialty Transmission & Auto is a full service auto repair shop specializing in transmission repair. We are family owned and operated and located in Mobile, AL.


Specialty Transmission & Auto is about relationships: the relationship between you and your car and the relationship between you and your service professional. We want to take care of your car from your first visit until you upgrade, and then we want to take care of your next vehicle too! That is why we get to know you and make sure you get honest, prompt service of the highest quality from certified and dedicated service personnel.


At the age of nine, Jody Hadley attended his first NASCAR race – and the rest, as they say, is history. His passion for cars only grew in the years following that first race, and it eventually led him to his first automotive repair job before he was even old enough for a driver's license. Jody did whatever work was needed at that first shop, from pulling transmissions to sweeping floors. In a few years, he had learned enough and saved enough to start his own business. During the early days, Jody was repairing transmissions from a single-bay garage in his own backyard. His business grew and, in 1999, it became necessary to move to a larger facility. Jody was able to find a good spot on a major highway. Business continued to develop, and it was only four years before Jody and his crew found themselves in need of more bays and a more comfortable building for their customers. Specialty Transmission & Auto has been operating from its 11-bay facility at 3927 Government Boulevard since 2003 and continues to expand bigger every day.

No matter how big the shop gets, however, Jody and his staff always find the time to get to know their customers and their unique needs. This involves explaining the necessary repairs, finding the best deals and making sure the work is done right the first time.


Specialty's technicians and managers undergo continuous training and certification to stay updated on the ever-changing automotive technology. Having a vehicle that is in its safest and most reliable condition is important, and Jody and his staff go to great lengths to ensure that is exactly what their customers get at Specialty Transmission & Auto.


Jody and his technicians are ready to service you and provide the care you need for your car.